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the short version - browser recommendations

To ensure this site appears and works as intended on your machine we recommend the use one of the following browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or 6.0
Netscape 6.0
Opera 5

The following programs/plugins/etc are optional but will allow you to take advantage of additional site features:

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Macromedia Flash Player

More information about why you should update your brower.

the long version - why don't we support older 3.x/4.x browsers?

Our focus is on saving you time and money. To this end we charge our development staff with a focus of bringing you excellent management tools and online access to the data and recommendations you need to make insightful decisions. By avoiding older non standards compliant browsers they are free to focus their efforts on bringing you new content not fighting with aging technology.

We believe the site to be generally compatible with the following, however in most cases it will not display as designed and certain features will not be available:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and newer
PC, Mac
Netscape 4.6 and newer
Linux, PC, Mac
Opera 4.02 and newer
Linux, PC, Mac

However, we strongly recommend the use of one of the browsers listed above for a smooth experience both on our site, and the rest of the web.


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