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A Recognized Leader: SDD telemanager.net is a recognized leader in the field of global hotel voice and internet communications management. Our renowned TeleManager Program� has revolutionized hotel communications management by providing hotel managers with the actionable intelligence necessary to achieve a substantial Return on Investment through attaining and maintaining optimal financial performance.

Managed Solutions: Our offerings include our stand-alone TeleManager Program� Optimization and Management solution along with fully managed and integrated solutions that combine the TeleManager Program SDD JAZZ Fusion Voice and Internet billing and personalization software and services.

Management, Management, Management: Our "actionable intelligence" oriented solutions are designed specifically to enable optimum performance, ease of management, verified results, and constant performance evaluation.

Track Record: Telemanager.net provides voice and internet optimization and management services to hundreds of hotels throughout the world.

Programs and Services

Full Service TeleManager Programs: Our full service TeleManager programs include the following.

  • A complete TeleManager voice and internet audit, and monthly management reporting that identifies any operational or profit enhancing opportunities and significant revenue and profitability trends.
  • Headquarters Alert� Reporting and Support to quickly identify critical revenue sensitive interface failures.
  • Our Opportunities and Accomplishment (O&A�) Client Support Program that simplifies management down to the concept of transforming opportunities into verifiable accomplishments.
  • Implementation Management Services

Supplemental Services: In addition to our primary telemanagement services, we also provide:

  • System design and implementation management
  • Voice and data network design and implementation management
  • Communications management training
  • Telephone bill audit and on-going invoice management

For additional information please contact us.

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