True TeleManager

With the newly launched powered by JAZZ Fusion suite of offerings, SDD has solved the challenge of delivering a low cost, integrated management and billing solution while preserving the objectivity of the Telemanager data source and measurements.

By pairing an SDD hosted configuration of the Telemanager call detail recording and monitoring platform in parallel with SDD hosted JAZZ Fusion call accounting, we've successfully moved billing and management to the cloud while maintaining data objectivity.

The Formative Story

Whether she knew it at the time or not, Hawaii based, Prince Hotels Corporate IT Director Char Taniyama had a profound effect on the Telemanager and JAZZ integration strategy.

The setting: and SDD had just merged and we were marketing an integrated version of Telemanager and SDD hosted JAZZ Fusion that would be based upon JAZZ transmitting data to the data center. The thinking behind the offering was that we would be able to eliminate the stand-alone TeleManager platform while still providing optimization services at a lower cost.

Ms. Taniyama: “Colin, do you mean to tell me that you’re going to use data generated by JAZZ in order to perform all your measurements including performing your evaluations of the efficiency JAZZ?” Note: The tone here is important. We would call it “are you kidding me”.

Us: “Uh, well”.

Ms. Taniyama:“Because one of the things that we value most about your program is that it’s objective and doesn’t depend upon the call accounting system as it’s source.”
Tone: School teacher a little (more than a little) frustrated with student that clearly hasn’t been applying himself.”

Us: “Uh, well”

Ms. Taniyama:“Because we wouldn’t be interested in that approach”.
Tone: Pay attention. I’m telling you what the proper answer is.

Us: (Unintelligible. Mumbling about a lower price)

Ms. Taniyama: “I’m all for a lower price but I’m not interested is a lesser value”.

Let’s just say this conversation profoundly affected our thinking about how to best integrate optimization services with our hosted Call Accounting services.

Since that conversation, our focus has been enhancing services and lowering costs while maintaining an independent data source to ensure measurements are entirely objective.

With powered by JAZZ Fusion,, we’re there. Thanks Char.

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