Blue Streak Generates Big ROI at Limited Service Sites

The Telemanager Program has long been recognized for it's ability to generate a meaningful Return on Investment in the full service segment of lodging. With it's Blue Streak version of the program, is now serving the limited service segment and the Return on Investment results have been on par with full service deployments.

Through performing the cost and revenue optimization functions of the program TeleManager Blue Streak generated an average ROI of more than eight times the cost of the program at each participating location.

Property Profile

> North American Limited service properties.

> Avg Room Size per property: 155 rooms

> Room Size Range: 115 to 215 rooms

Return on Investment Profile:

> Average Return On Investment Generated: 8+ times the cost of the program.

> ROI Range: 3.0 to 15.0

About TeleManager Blue Streak

> Designed specifically to generate a maximum ROI as quickly as possible

> 120 day term minimum term

> Includes implementation of profit enhancement opportunities

> At the end of the 120 day term, at its option the location may continue the full program, convert to a lower cost limited service program, or terminate subscription without penalty.

> Can be easily configured to include SDD Hosted JAZZ Fusion call accounting at minimal cost.

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